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Workers Compensation

Being injured on the job can be a stressful ordeal to manage. Despite the efforts of our State’s Workers’ Compensation Act that passed in 1929, there are still flaws that exists which create barriers for the injured to smoothly navigate the process. Richberg Law will work to bridge the gap between the employer and the employee to ensure that you are compensated for your workplace injury within the confines of our laws. Workers’ Compensation Claims are very time sensitive, so please contact us now so that we can begin working to protect you.

Real Estate

Richberg Law is here to represent your legal interest during your home buying process to ensure that you close on a smooth finish. Buying a home is a joyous accomplishment. We assure you that our firm will fully service your needs.


Employment Law

Have you done work and haven’t received full and fair compensation for your work? Are you being denied or have yet to receive bonuses, commissions, overtime, or unemployment? Are you unable to work due to unfair non-compete and non-solicitation agreements? Richberg Law is ready to defend you. You may have been an employee who has been wrongfully terminated, demoted, or discriminated against because of your age, race, gender, pregnancy, or because you have blown the whistle on inappropriate company activities. Call us so that we can help you settle this matter.

Shayla Richberg

Shayla Richberg

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